Coaching Entry-Level Automation Engineers

I recently shared a simple way to assess the maturity of an Automation Engineer. Let’s review that assessment again.

Automation Engineer Assessment
* Entry-Level: Tries to automate everything in sight.
* Mid-level – Automates every test regardless of value or criticality.
* Senior-level – Automates based on an #evaluation, value, and criticality.

Let’s focus on Entry-Level Automation Engineers and some coaching to progress into the Mid-Level Automation Engineer’s role.

Coaching for Entry Level Automation Engineers
1) Is this for me, or does it reduce risks for the product I support?
2) Would this better be called learning than product work?
3) What automation could I build next to raise awareness of known product risks?
4) What do I maintain that has brought little value to my product team?
5) What will I archive today that may help in the future but has shown little value to date?

This coaching helps the Entry-Level Automation Engineer transition from unfocused automation to a product-level focus. Encourage allocating time for learning, adding those efforts to an Automation Sandbox which will grow as a future reference for product-level solutions down the road.